α-Amylase Inhibitor, wheat origin
  • α-Amylase Inhibitor, wheat origin


    α-Amylase Inhibitor can inhibit the activity of amylase, which is secreted from the pancreas, in the intestine and can block/deter its digestive ability for starch, whose main component is carbohydrate. Thus, blood sugar reduced, and the increase in the blood sugar concentration is inhibited, which is beneficial in diabetic therapy. With an effective active chaperone, discovered by our company, the half-life ofα-Amylase Inhibitor activity is greatly prolonged.


    It is used as drugs and health food additives for weight reduction to prevent and treat of adiposity, lipomatosis, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

    α-Amylase Inhibitor, wheat origin

α-Amylase Inhibitor, wheat origin

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