Carry out quality management system training to improve the company's quality management level


In order to further improve the quality management level, product quality and service level, on June 9, 2023, the company's quality system team conducted training on quality management improvement plans and improving the system documents of various departments in conference room 307 of the complex building.

This training is presided over by the team leader of the company's quality system. First, it summarizes the operation of the company's system. The goal is to improve the standard GMP management standards and relevant laws and regulations. Focus on the standardization of the company's system documents, the effectiveness of implementation, the accuracy of records, on-site management and other aspects of the improvement of the content, and through the interactive way, jointly explore the operational difficulties in the actual work, to ensure that the trainees will apply the knowledge they have learned to the construction of the quality system, and constantly improve the system documents of various departments, so as to make new breakthroughs in promoting quality management.

The training requires each team member to earnestly study each quality system management standard, take each standard as the prototype, sort out the system documents of each department and combine them with the actual situation, so as to point out the direction for standardizing production operation. To learn and learn again, implement and implement again, implement and implement again, and lay a solid foundation for better carrying out the company's overall quality management work.



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