Anji Mission Activities in 2023


-Loyalty and Strive to Achieve 2023 Goals!

In order to better stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, establish a sense of active communication, unity and cooperation between employees, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees, and show the demeanor of Tongkai people. From July 28 to July 30, 2023, the company organized all employees to carry out the "loyalty and precision, and strive to achieve the 2023 goal!" For the theme of the Huzhou Anji group building activities.

At 8:30 on July 28, we left for Anji, Huzhou, and our colleagues were enthusiastic. The interesting prize-winning guessing activities in the carriage closely linked work and life, laughing and laughing all the way. Arriving at the destination of the group building at 1 pm, under the order of the general manager, everyone made concerted efforts to use the advantages of the venue to efficiently build the photo scene, completing the first uniform group photo of the group building.




Unity is strength, and a lean team can overcome everything! Under the guidance of the coach, eight teams were formed: team leader selection, team name, slogan, team flag, team practice: team 1 Wolf Warriors, team 2 Unity Winning Team, team 3 Typhoon Team, team 4 Fire King Kong Team, team 5 Wild Leopard Commando, team 6 Horn Team, team 7 Good Luck Company, team 8 Fairy Team, high morale, unity and mutual assistance, complete a task.

In the Frisbee competition, we adhere to the concept of "never fall to the ground, never give up". All teams work together and work hard. We know that individual achievements accumulate into team achievements. We can't survive in the competition alone. Every score needs the cooperation of teammates. Everyone participates in it and tries their best to win the team.




"Bake" out the friendship and cooperation with Kai people! Happy group building how little delicious barbecue! At 18: 00 p.m., in order to satisfy the appetite, everyone showed "real technology" to stir up fire, brush oil, seasoning and "fry" countless hidden barbecue experts. Accompanied by the sound of sizzling, fireworks are steaming, and the temperature of the team is also rising ~ in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, everyone has passed on their good wishes to each other through harmonious communication, taste the warmth from the Tongkai family, but also increased the cohesion between the team.




Challenge yourself and advance bravely! On the morning of July 29, we set off for drifting in Shibadao Bay. We accepted the challenge of nature and threw ourselves into the embrace of crossing drifting. In the rapid drop, C bend and S bend, we experienced the stimulation of spinning, drifting and diving, splashing, like the fun of a roller coaster, screaming one after another, enjoying the happiness of nature.




In the afternoon, we will go to Anji Dazhuhai to experience the shooting scene of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and enjoy the fresh air in the mountains.




Excelsior craftsman spirit! On July 30, Moganshan Scenic Area, Moganshan is the remaining vein of Tianmu Mountain, which is a famous leisure tourism and summer resort in China. It is also famous for Chairman Mao's residence and the Baiyun Mountain Pavilion where Chiang Kai-shek lived. Feel the humanistic color in the mountain scenery and witness the late Spring and Autumn Period, where Gan Jiang and Mo Xie were cast into a place with no male and female swords in the world.




This tour of group building is a refresh for us and a challenge for us. It not only deepens the sense of cooperation and trust among team members, improves the cohesion of employees, but also allows each participant to understand the beauty of nature, appreciate new cultural customs, and enhance the connotation and significance of team building. We have reason to believe that in the future, we will show a stronger spirit of "loyal and sophisticated" corporate culture in our work.

Here to congratulate our team building activities a complete success! At the same time, I also wish that after returning to their posts, every colleague of Tongkai Biology will have the courage to cooperate with each other, faithfully and faithfully devote himself to the second entrepreneurial work, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal! Strive for a better future!






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