Hu Guangjie, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, inspects work briefing


On May 31, 2023, Hu Guangjie, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Gong Haibin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, and Shen Haibin, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, went to our company to investigate the implementation of the "two responsibilities" of food safety.

Wu Yongqiang, Director of the Jiangbei New District Management Committee and Secretary of the Pukou District Party Committee, Fan Minghui, Deputy District Mayor of Pukou District, Xu Daojun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Pukou Economic Development Zone, and Huang Wen, Pukou District Market Supervision Administration, accompanied the inspection

Mr. Zhang accompanied Governor Hu to visit the clean production workshop, introduced in detail the loyal and refined corporate culture, the company's development, main products and production processes, and made a special report on the development of the company's main responsibility for food safety.




The development achievements of our company and the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety have been affirmed by Governor Hu. Governor Hu said that food safety work is of great responsibility. Enterprises should implant quality awareness into genes and blood, constantly improve the food safety management system, continuously strengthen the construction of internal control system, effectively prevent and resolve hidden food safety risks, and effectively improve the level of food safety assurance, We will resolutely protect the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people ".

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Hu Guangjie, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, inspects work briefing


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