Efficient team building training


At 8:00 on April 13, under the leadership of Cai zong, he went to Pukou wacheng ecological park to start a two-day intensive expansion training. although the rain was falling all the time, it did not affect our excited mood at all. Affected by rainy days, the two-day training was basically conducted indoors. However, through the reasonable arrangement of instructors and a series of expansion projects, the whole process organically linked the interesting games with work, life and study, which not only brought us endless fun, but also deepened the deep thinking and enlightenment of mutual understanding among colleagues: in fact, it is not difficult for us to find out, the game played in two days is not to test our physical fitness and endurance, but to let us experience, experience, feel and act in the process of completing the game.

Throughout our two-day training programs "Gambling Battle", "Tangram", "Group Fighting the World", "Responsibility Reporting", and "Journey of Life", we demonstrate the team strength of unified leadership and unified command: In this training, we talk more about the team. All tasks are completed by team cooperation. Cooperation enables us to integrate into the team, and cooperation greatly increases our strength, cooperation makes us truly realize the importance of the team, just as some people say: don't think you can do anything. If you leave the team, you may accomplish nothing. Don't think you can do anything. With a team, you may do anything." Therefore, it is required that each of us must put down our own personality and preferences, take the interests of the team as the greatest interests, and do our best to do our work well. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the coordination and cooperation of the whole team. In order to complete the task and win, we must cooperate and establish a team. Only in this way can we win. This is the case in competition, especially in future work and study.

Through this training, I deeply felt how important the cohesion of a team is. Sweat and tears, pain and laughter are intertwined, which makes us all deeply experience that a team has to go through thousands of times. Will become indestructible. I deeply understand what kind of efforts it takes for a successful person to stand on the highest point. The joy of victory is the result of countless falls and reflections. Let us understand that the perfect team building needs to rely on the efforts of each of us, let us work together to create a mutual trust, mutual cooperation, effective communication, solidarity and mutual assistance of the working environment, and bring this excellent style to each of our customers.



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