Award Ceremony of Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Biological and Chemical Manufacturing


"Collaborative innovation" is to effectively gather innovation resources and elements, break through the barriers between innovation subjects, release the vitality of innovation elements, and achieve in-depth cooperation. The "Innovation Capability Improvement Plan for Colleges and Universities" is a major measure for the reform of my country's higher education system. On April 24 this year, General Secretary Hu Jintao emphasized in his speech at the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University that colleges and universities are "actively improving original innovation," While integrating innovation and introducing, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating capabilities, "actively promote collaborative innovation".

Nanjing University of Technology has strong educational and scientific research capabilities in biotechnology and chemical technology, and is based on building superior disciplines in these fields. This time, led by Nanjing University of Technology, the "Advanced Biology and Chemical Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center" was jointly established with Nanjing Tongkai Zhaoye. The two parties used their respective advantageous resources and policies to establish a collaborative innovation mechanism and system, and extensively absorb the investment of domestic and foreign social forces. Focus on the academic frontier of biochemical industry and the major needs of industry development, and jointly build a technology research and development platform and industrialization base, the talents, science and technology, capital, platform, environment and other elements are well combined and utilized to realize the interaction of talent training, discipline construction and social services.



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