Team Outward Bound Activities Successfully Ended


In order to better stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, establish active communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation between employees, cultivate the awareness of the team, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees, and show the style of Tongkai. On October 26, the company organized employees to participate in outdoor expansion activities.

"I have a better understanding of outward bound training, and I am full of confidence and challenges for my future work." Employees have lamented that during the training process, many projects seem difficult and dangerous, but as long as they are carried out step by step, they can pass smoothly. Training from organizing a new team to selecting team names, slogans, and team songs, familiarizing the team members in the shortest time indicates that the whole process is inseparable from collective wisdom and strength. Before the start of each project, teammates will always encourage challengers, so that employees feel the warmth of the team, mutual trust, and inspire the collective honor of each member and the self-confidence of each teammate.

Through this activity, we realized the importance of coordination, unified command, effective command and effective execution in the process of team growth to achieve the common goal of the team efficiently; the importance of team cooperation to overcome objective obstacles; and the special value of each member of the team. The activity was successfully completed with the active participation of everyone. With the characteristics of "teaching in action, teaching in emotion, teaching in pleasure, teaching in heart, and focusing on practice", the training was infiltrated into the behavior experience of the participants.



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