The First General Meeting of Jiangsu Food Additives and Ingredients Association Held in Nanjing


The Provincial Food Additives and Ingredients Association (to be established), with the cordial care, careful guidance and strong help of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and through careful preparation by the Association's preparatory office, the first general meeting was held in Jiangsu New Century Hotel on May 18 and 19. Our company participated in the meeting as a governing unit.

The person in charge of the preparatory office shall make a report on the preparatory work, the explanation of the articles of association (draft), the composition of the board of directors, etc. At the same time, the standing council, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general and deputy secretary-general are elected. The conference passed the "Provincial Food Additives and Ingredients Association Constitution", "Provincial Food Additives and Ingredients Association Member Management Measures", "Provincial Food Additives and Ingredients Association Membership Management Measures", and discussed the "Industry Professional Ethics" and "Industry Self-discipline" Convention and Disciplinary Measures "," Measures for Handling Disputes in the Industry ".






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