Enterprise Development

Since its establishment, the enterprise has developed rapidly and its sales revenue has grown rapidly. It has successfully developed more than 20 phosphorylated products, including nucleotides (NMP), fructose-1,6-diphosphate trisodium salt(FDP), yeast, ribonucleic acid (RNA), nucleases, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), and choline diphosphate (CDPC). The company's main products include nucleotides, nucleases, yeast, and their products. Since they were launched on the market in 2005, sales revenue has been increasing at a rate of over 200% annually, and product supply is in short supply. The company has complete independent intellectual property rights and the R&D capabilities to undertake large-scale scientific research projects. It has undertaken multiple national, provincial, and ministerial level major scientific and technological projects, including the National "863" Project, the National Science and Technology Support Plan, Jiangsu Province Achievement Transformation, and the National Innovation Fund. Approved as "Jiangsu Enzyme Biocatalytic Conversion Engineering Technology Research Center", "Jiangsu Enterprise Graduate Workstation", "Nanjing Academician Workstation", "Nanjing Industry University Research Base", "Jiangsu Inspection University Research Cooperation Base", "Nanjing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" and other research and development platforms.


◆ Future development plan of the enterprise

Based on the current development status and strategic planning of the company, the main work goals for the next three years are as follows:

Relying on the provincial and municipal level research and development platform established by the company, more than ten products have been developed, and most of the main technical and economic indicators of the products are above the national requirements. In the next five years, the company will establish a phosphoryl compound industry chain and industrialize 6-8 products, with an estimated sales revenue of 500-80 million yuan.


◆ Construction of enterprise talent team

The company has formed a professional team led by academicians, led by outstanding young scientists, with high-level middle-aged and young people as the backbone, with a reasonable professional structure and strong engineering technology development capabilities, covering various fields such as microbiology, biochemistry, biochemistry, design, construction, management, etc., providing strong guarantees for the integrated implementation of the company's project research and development, process, engineering, equipment, and talent cultivation.

Our R&D team members have been engaged in research and development in the field of phosphoryl compounds for a long time, as well as the promotion of achievements. They possess a scientific attitude of seeking truth and practicality, courage to explore, and willingness to contribute. They have strong R&D capabilities and rich experience in industrialization and engineering, laying a talent foundation for the company's development.