Technical Advantages

After more than ten years of construction, a common technology platform centered on the biological manufacturing of phosphoryl compounds has been systematically established, including the screening and modification of biocatalysts, theoretical and methodological research on efficient biocatalytic systems, ion exchange membrane integration technology, and alcohol precipitation salt precipitation composite crystallization. A group of professional and influential innovative technological achievements have been obtained at home and abroad.

◆ Source of enzymes and efficient expression techniques

Using Penicillium citri as a nuclease producing strain, the harmful substances in traditional methods are effectively eliminated. Low energy ion beam mutagenesis technology is used to select a high yield strain of nuclease P1. Airlift fermentation replaces traditional solid fermentation and stirred fermentation, and the activity of nuclease P1 is increased by nearly 10 times, which is 30% higher than foreign stirred fermentation.

◆ New reaction separation coupling technology

The problem of product feedback inhibition during RNA enzymatic hydrolysis was solved, which solved the problems of low enzymatic hydrolysis yield and high material consumption. The concentration of four nucleotides reached 25-30g/L, and the concentration of nucleotides increased 3-4 times, ranking at the international leading level.

◆ Synthesis and preparation of new separation media, and integration of adsorption membrane separation technology

By inventing the integrated technology of continuous adsorption membrane separation, the production efficiency has been improved while achieving the recycling of acid alkali water, and the separation yield has been increased by 5-10%; Energy consumption and pollutant emissions are reduced by more than 30% compared to domestic manufacturers.

◆ New composite crystallization technology for alcohol precipitation and salt precipitation

By inventing the composite crystallization technology of alcohol precipitation and salt precipitation and reaction crystallization technology, controllable crystallization process was achieved in large-scale production equipment, resulting in products with uniform size and regular crystal shape.