International salesman




Work Experience:

1-3 years


Number of Recruits:


Job Description

Experience requirements:At least 1 year experience in international trade

Job responsibilities:

1. Use the network platform and industry exhibitions and other channels to develop overseas markets, seek to track overseas customers, sort out and reply to inquiries and do a good job of follow-up;

2. Import and export order processing, responsible for coordinating factory shipments, invoice box list production and payment follow-up, and after-sales management;

3. Docking R & D, marketing, production, finance and other departments to deal with some internal coordination work;


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, biological engineering, biopharmaceutical and other related fields;

2. At least 1 year working experience in foreign trade related fields in pharmaceutical and chemical companies (acceptable for excellent fresh graduates);

3, understand the import and export business process, familiar with foreign trade import and export business links;

4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, skilled use of various office software;

5. Have good communication, coordination and execution ability, work earnestly, respond quickly and keenly, and have a strong sense of responsibility.