QC Supervisor


Junior college


Work Experience:

3-5 years


Number of Recruits:


Job Description

Experience requirements:More than 3 years working experience in QC

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for the management of the company's quality control department, including the development and implementation of the company's quality control policies and procedures, responsible for product inspection and verification, to ensure that products meet regulatory requirements.

Main Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the development of the company's quality control management system, operating procedures and inspection work instructions, to ensure the use and management of laboratory testing instruments;

2. Responsible for the quality management of customers in food enterprises or pharmaceutical enterprises;

3, responsible for the company's internal quality training and guidance, to assist the department to carry out relevant certification work;

4. Review and judge the inspection results to ensure that the products meet the requirements of laws and regulations and customer requirements;

5, responsible for the establishment and maintenance of inspection records and files, assist in the generation of relevant reports;

6. Assist the department to carry out internal audit and external audit.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in food, chemistry or related, more than 3 years QC working experience;

2, familiar with laboratory testing equipment, with food enterprises or pharmaceutical enterprises experience;

3, have good communication skills and team cooperation consciousness, can effectively deal with related problems;

4, have good organization and coordination ability and leadership, have a strong sense of responsibility;

5, familiar with quality management professional knowledge, have the ability to write relevant documents.