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Junior college


Work Experience:

Within 1 year


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Job Description

Experience requirements: strain related skills


1. Responsible for basic aseptic operations such as strain shake flask screening, strain activation, preservation, separation and purification, and strain stability testing;

2. Prepare the strains needed for production on time according to the production requirements to ensure sterility;

3. Shake flask screening and preservation of the target strain and optimization of shake flask culture conditions to make the target strain produce enzyme;

4. Assist the project leader to complete the implementation of the experimental plan and relevant records, and be responsible for the sorting and reporting of experimental data;

5. Be responsible for managing the distribution of laboratory strains and daily work tasks, and summarize the daily order results into experimental reports and send them to the project leader in time;

6. Pay attention to the experimental test data every day, find out the reason and report the abnormality in time.


Bachelor degree or above, with strain-related work skills preferred.