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S-Ademetionine, SAM

S-Ademetionine, SAM


S-Ademetionine is a coenzyme found in all eukaryotic cells. SAM is a active form of methionine,animals, and it is an important metabolic intermediate in animals and plants. It also play a vital role in the human body as physiological active substance involved in more than 40 kinds of biochemical reactions. SAM is an essential donor of methyl group in cell. Its physiological function is transferring methyl, aminopropyl and sulfur group.


S-Ademetionine is mainly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA), depression, liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, cholestasis, liver damage caused by alcohol, liver cirrhosis and some other liver dysfunctions. It also can increase infertile men's sperm vitality, be used to treat migraines, alleviate the sequela of cerebral concussion symptoms, and have effect on muscle fiber pain and coronary heart disease.

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