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The Source of Technology

The production technology of BioTogether relies on National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (NERCB).

Our core production technology roots in the second prize of National Award  for Technical Invention , namely, producing high-energy phosphorylated compounds with new technologies of biological phosphorylation.

High Efficient Bioenzymolysis
To solve the problem of low-effective substrate utilization and low-yield product.

High Efficiency Bioseparation
To solve the problem of low-effective separation serious environment pollution ,high energy-consumption, low Product yield and high production cost.

Bio-Product Refinery
To solve the problem of difficult crystallization、complex process and poor quality of products.


Science and Technology Innovation

We have made several major breakthroughs in key technologies of Nucleotide production, such as the selection and modification of Penicillium citrinum strain that produces P1 nuclease, enzymatic hydrolysis of RNA, the separation of four nucleotides in the same column and their crystallization. On these bases, BioTogether has formed its independent intellectual property rights in production technology, and its technical and economic indicators have reached international advanced level.

(1) Obtaining high-yielding strain by using ion beam inducing mutation. The strain has a good stability (the technology has applied for invention patents of China CN200710022932.6).

The 5'-nucleotides are produced by enzymolysis of RNA using P1 nuclease which is obtained by Penicillium citrinum’s fermentation instead of being extracted from malt root. Malt roots contain many poisoning substances hazardous to health, such as N-methyl hordenines, nitrosamines, patulin, aspergillus oryzae and nettle Penicillium, whereas the fermentation of Penicillium citrinum to produce P1 nuclease can avoid a security risk effectively.

(2) Replacing of traditional stirred-tank and solid-state fermentation, the application of new air-lift fermentation to, greatly simplified production process of nuclease, and significantly shortening the production cycle.

(3)Had synthesized a new separation medium nucleotides, the application of new separation technologies - adsorption - the separation of membrane separation technology integration nucleotide, so that the separation yield of more than 93 percent, energy consumption, a significant reduction in pollutant emissions; (The technique had been applied for invention patent of China CN200610085403.6).

(4) We have invented a complex technique of alcohol-precipitation and salting-out crystallization, conducing the yield of four kinds of nucleotides greater than 90%, and product quality is in line with the requirements of large international companies. (The technique was applied in invention patent of China CN200610085394.0, CN200610085381.3)


Company Patents

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Projects Undertaking

National “863” project in 2006

Major technological innovation project of Jiangsu Province in 2006

Project of Science and Technology Innovation Fund of Nanjing City in 2008

Planning Projects of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City in 2009

Projects of Enterprises’ Technology Development of Nanjing City in 2009

Projects of Science and Technology program of Nanjing City in 2009

Projects of scientific and technological achievements’ Transformation of Jiangsu Province in 2009

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