Series of 5'-Nucleotides
  • Series of 5'-Nucleotides

    Nucleotides are the basic structural units of RNA and DNA. A nucleotide is composed of a nucleic acid base (nitrogenous base) and a five-carbon sugar (either ribose or 2'-deoxyribose), and one to three phosphate groups. Additionally, nucleotides play central roles in the genetics, growth and development of organism.

    The resent researches from both home and broad showed that exogenous nucleotides can greatly affect the growth of gastrointestinal tract of animals and the function of immune system, liver and neuron etc. Only nucleotides supplements can ensure the normal metabolism of organism in special conditions, so nucleotides which are regarded as a kind of special additives and intermediate, which have been widely applied in the fields of food, drug and feed.

    1. Drug Intermediates

    Degradation products of RNA (Nucleotides, nucleosides and nucleic acid bases) are all medicines with a wide application, and their derivatives have more remarkable application in the fields of antivirus and anti tumors. It has been widely applied in the treatment of hepatitis, gastritis, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, leukocytopenia, cerebral concussion, angiocardiopathy etc.

    2. Food Additives

    Milk powder added with nucleotides not only can improve the development of gastrointestinal tract of infants, but also improve the immunological function of intestinal cells so that build up the resistance to bacterial infection. The addition of nucleotides into functional foods would help people delay aging, extend life and improve immunity etc. Additionally, there has been a wide application of flavor nucleotides in food seasoning.

    3. Feed Additives

    Nucleotide is a kind of non-toxic and harmless feed additive, improving animal's immune, gastrointestinal function and fat metabolism. Such as, nucleotides can increase the feed rate of pig, improve laying rate of chicken, promoting the growth and reproduction of fishes and aquatic animals.

    Series of 5

Series of 5'-Nucleotides