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BioTogether Co., Ltd. specializing in the biological technology was established.

1. Our products were putted into the market and business had a rapid growth.

2. Committed projects: National “863” project; Scientific and Technological Innovation Project in Jiangsu Province.


1. Our core production technology was awarded Second Level Award of NationalInvention in Science and Technology.

2. We ganied The Title of Excellent Supplier from BEINMATE.

3. We won the Certification of High-tech products in Jiangsu Province.


1. Our company was authorized High-tech company in Jiangsu Province.

2. We began to introduce Management consulting firms and implement scientificmanagement.

3. By introducing strategic capital, our company entered a new stage of development.

4. The production of Nucleotide grew rapidly, and production capacity increased bymore than 30%. Our exports and domestic sales grew by 134% and 84%.

5. Committed projects: Scinece and Technology Innovation Fund of Nanjing in 2008.


1. We constituted National Standard of Nucleotide together with Subordinate Unit of AQSIQ.

2. We constituted National Standard in Nucleotide detection of Infant Milk.

3. We constituted adding Standard of Nucleotide in Infant Milk.

4. Committed projects:

The Enterprise Technology Development Project of Nanjing;

The Technology Guide Project of  PuKou District;

The Technology Development Project of Nanjing.

5. At present, We have gained eight authorized patents and applicated 25 patents.

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