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Technical Consultant

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Technical Consultant

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor Pingkai Ouyang

Director of NERCB, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Nanjing University of Technology, Chairman of Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, Principal Scientist of National “973” Project, Director of Biochemical Professional Committee affiliated to Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT), Vice-Chairman of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China.

Technical ConsultantProfessor Ouyang is a well-known expert in the field of Chinese biochemical engineering research and education, an advocate of Chinese industrial biotechnology and the co-founder of NERCB. He creatively brings forward the concepts and methods of Reaction-Reaction Coupling Technology, Reaction-Separation Coupling Technology to Construct and optimize biochemical process. Consequently, production technology of many biochemical products in China achieved international advanced level. Because of his outstanding contribution to biochemical field in China, Professor Ouyang was invited as technical expert to participate in the drafting of “National Long-Term Science and Technology Development Planning Framework (2006-2020)”.

Professor Ouyang's Honor

National Science and Technology Progress Award, First Level, Third Level; National Technology Invention Award, Second Level; DuPont Innovation Award; Provincial and Ministerial awards, First Level, three times, Second Level, one time; Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress; Awarded for the star of scientific/technological invention/innovation by United Nations System for the Promotion of Technical Information. He is one of 50 persons whom are awarded the title of Outstanding Contributions to the Professional and Technical fields.

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