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Management and Team

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Management and Team

We have a group of outstanding scientists including hundreds of young people with high proportion of doctorate or master's degree.

President of the board and Principal Scientist

Professor Hanjie Ying, PhD.


Management and TeamProfessor Ying is Director of NERCB, Deputy Secretary-General of Biotechnique Association of Jiangsu (JSBA), Vice-Chairman of Biochemical Professional Committee affiliated to Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT). Now, he focuses on development of biological phosphorylation technologies and products, and industrialization of scientific research achievements. He establishes the efficient screening methods and transformation technologies of biocatalyst for phosphorylated compounds biosynthesis, invented a series of novel high-performance biotransformation system like Reaction-Reaction Coupling technology, and several high-performance process-integration technologies. Professor Ying developed more than ten phosphorylated products including nucleotide monophospahte (NMP) and casein phosphopeptides (CPP), and the main technical parameters of the products achieve the international advanced level. He is experienced in engineering integration technologies of biocatalysis, and industrialized several phosphorylated compounds.
Professor Ying's Honor

National Outstanding Teachers; Cross-Century Talents awarded by Chinese Ministry of Education; the first batch of Young and Middle-Aged Professional Leader in Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province “333 Telants” Project; National Invention in Science and Technology Award, Second Level 2007; China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Invention in Science and Technology Award, First Level, 2006; National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Bureau Science and Technology Progress Award, First Level. He is expert of the State Council of China with special allowance. And he takes charge of and participates more than ten national projects, such as National “863” Project, National ”973” Project, National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and Technology Research Project.

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