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National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology, (NERCB)

Research Institute

NERCB, founded in April 1996, is a high-tech research and development entity that was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and relying on Nanjing University of Technology. According to the needs of economic construction and social development of China, and orienting to market demand and enterprise-scale production needs, NERCB devotes to systematic engineering research and development on promising scientific research results of industrial biotechnology, providing mature technology and complete sets of manufacturing equipment to enterprise, and promoting the radiation, transferring and diffusion of integrating and supporting engineering results to the related industries.

Under the leadership of Chinese government, NERCB fulfilled the industrial biotechnology part of the country’s medium and long-term planning. Under the leadership of Ministry of Science and Technology, NERCB had organized the experts and accomplished the project proposals, setting up and starting work of industrial biotechnology in the national "Eleventh Five-Year" high-tech research and development plan (“863” plan). In addition, as the technology entity, NERCB took on the national development and plan projects of key basic research (973 projects), national high-tech research and development plan (863 plan), the state’s key scientific and technological project, National Natural Science Foundation,etc, adding up to more than 20 projects; Besides, there are nearly one hundred projects of provincial and ministerial level and entrusted by enterprises, and scientific research fund reach to nearly 40 million RMB.

The Center has received 12 domestic and international awards, including first prize of national award for scientific and technological progress; second prize of national award for science and technology progress; the National "Eighth Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Award for major scientific and technological achievements; first prize of China’s chemical and oil Award for science and technology progress; first prize of China’s oil and Chemical Industry Association award for scientific and technological progress; Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize for scientific and technological progress; the United States’ DuPont awards for scientific and technological progress, etc.


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